Welcome to HIKARI – a special place inspired by the “Land of the Rising Sun,” where the culinary experience becomes an unforgettable journey. Under our guidance, led by chef Alex Racatau, winner of 3rd place at the World Sushi Cup and holder of a black belt in sushi, we invite you to discover authentic flavors and innovative dishes prepared with passion and skill.

At HIKARI, you will not only experience moments of relaxation and indulgence but also have the opportunity to stimulate your taste imagination. Our menu, inspired by Chef Alex Racatau’s culinary memories and travels, will delight your senses with modern and elegant dishes, based on traditional techniques and focused on essentials.

Inspired by nature, our sophisticated design will take you on an aesthetic journey, combining deep colors with modern neon red accents. Our sushi bar, where you can witness the creative craftsmanship of our chefs, is the centerpiece, offering you delicious and spectacular dishes.

In addition to famous Japanese spirits and sake, you have a generous selection of high-quality wines to choose from, served in a lively and vibrant setting. Experience the beauty of nature through our floor-to-ceiling windows, with a unique view of Central Park.

We invite you to HIKARI to discover the art and passion behind authentic Japanese cuisine and to enjoy a remarkable culinary experience, truly like no other. The perfect harmony between tradition and innovation awaits you here!

Hikari schedule:

Closed – Monday

Tuesday to Sunday 12:30 pm – 11:00 pm